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Where do the tires go?

Clearing your property of tires is great. But what does Tire Disposal Services (TDS) do with these tires after we take them?  TDS is contracted with permitted facilities that recycles scrap tires.    

70% of tires are used in a Tire Diverted Fuel (TDF) process    

30% of tires are fed into recycling streams by ways of shredding 

(such as road surface, running tracks, low priority tires, and other rubber products.) 

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Bureau of Waste Management - which manages the statewide hazardous, municipal, and residual waste programs and also oversees implementation of municipal waste planning and recycling, waste transportation, and the Covered Device Recycling Act - use or continued use of one's land or another's land as a waste processing, storage, treatment, or disposal area without a permit is unlawful.  Tire Disposal Services handles 50 to 1500 scrap tires each month per account.  TDS is the safe, environmentally friendly solution to your scrap tire needs.  CALL NOW!!


Tires are injected into the kiln at the site where it reads 1000F.  As the kiln turns, one or more whole tires can be injected into the rotating kiln.  The tires keep up the heat by substituting as a fuel.  Tires on their own can burn at 1800o F and can replace up to 33% of the kiln’s fuel.  The entire process is automated and car and truck tires are fully consumed.  Tires also burn cleaner and supply more BTU’s than fossil fuels.  Cement companies charge a (tipping) fee to recycle tires into a usable fuel source.  This is a great benefit to the environment, helping with a problematic waste.  It is also a good venue for disposing of tires for our customers.  This process eliminates liability to us and our customers by eliminating tires completely.

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